Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond

Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond
Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond
Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond
Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond
Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond

Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond


Welcome to Radhe Krishna Impex, a trusted manufacturer, wholesaler, exporter, and supplier of CVD/HPHT Fancy Colored Round Lab Grown Diamonds. We pride ourselves in meeting the diverse requirements of our clients by offering the highest quality diamonds.

Symmetry: CVD & HPHT, Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamond (Lab Grown Diamond) Certification: Certify And Non-Certify Usage: Diamond Jewellery (Diamond Jewelry/Jewels), Personal Use, Wholesaler, Retail Packaging Type: Packet/Box Material: Diamond State: Solid Cut: Fair to Excellent Hardness Value: 10 Out Of 10 Minimum Order Quantity: As Per Requirement

Product Description:

Our extensive range includes CVD/HPHT Fancy Colored Round Lab Grown Diamonds and Brilliant Loose Cut Polished Diamonds. We take pride in offering diamonds of exceptional quality and cater to various color, size, and clarity preferences.

Price Range: The price of our diamonds depends on their color, quality, size, and clarity.

Available Color: Our collection boasts an impressive selection of Fancy Colored Round CVD Diamonds.

Available Clarity: Choose from VVS, VS, or SI clarity options.

Available Cut: Our diamonds range from 3Ex to Very Good Cut, ensuring a variety of options to suit your preferences.

Difference Between "CVD/HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds" Vs "Natural Diamonds" and Why Choose CVD/HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds:

CVD and HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds are lab-created synthetic diamonds that possess the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. They offer exceptional quality and shine. On the other hand, natural diamonds are mined from the earth and may undergo treatments to enhance their color. HPHT diamonds, for example, are processed in controlled laboratories using extreme heat and pressure to transform their color from a brownish tint to white. HPHT-treated diamonds require a better clarity level.

There are several reasons to choose CVD/HPHT & Lab Grown Diamonds:

Eco-friendly: Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable and avoid the environmental impact caused by traditional mining practices.

More affordable: Lab-grown diamonds are priced at a more accessible range compared to their mined counterparts. You can enjoy the same shine and quality while saving 30%-40% on the cost.

Get more for less: With their affordability, lab-grown diamonds allow you to purchase larger stones without compromising on quality.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 3 – 8 Days
  • Production Capacity: 1500 Carats Per Month
  • Packaging Details: We ensure safe, secure, and satisfactory packaging.

Experience the beauty and brilliance of our CVD/HPHT Fancy Colored Round Lab Grown Diamonds. Each diamond is meticulously crafted to provide exceptional quality and value.